Advancement & Awards FAQ's



What are the awards for Woodlands Trail? Navigators? Adventurers?

Does Trail Life USA use badges for advancement? What are the requirements of each?

Will Trail Life USA use Badge Counselors?

Do you have all the requirements for each level or rank advancement for the boys already developed? What are these requirements for each rank?

What advancement opportunities are there for boys in the Woodlands Trail program?

Are there handbooks available for boys in the Woodlands Trail Unit?

Is there a handbook for the Navigators and Adventurers?

By what age must a Trailman complete his Freedom Award requirements?

Can Eagle Scouts earn the Freedom Award? What about adult Eagle Scouts?

Will organizations such as Corporations, Colleges, and the Military acknowledge the Freedom Award?

My son is a 13 year old Eagle Scout. Can he be a 14 year old Freedom award recipient?