Chartering FAQs

All chartering and registration items are completed online and use electronic signature collection. There are no paper forms! 

After the Charter Leader (the one who pre-chartered the Troop) receives the email instructing him to continue, he will need to do the following:

  1. Go to and Log In with the username and password used to pre-register. Have the names and email addresses of your Core Leadership Team and Institutional Head available to speed the process. The Charter Leader will invite the Institutional Head, Chartered Organization Representative and other members of the Core Leadership Team to register through the Troop Track chartering program.  

  2. The head of your Chartering Organization (Institutional Head or I.H.) and his appointed Chartered Organization Representative (C.O.R.) will be prompted by email to register. Their fee is included in the charter fee, so they will not pay when registering. However, they will need to provide the same information as the Core Leadership Team listed below for a background check.

  3. The remainder of your Core Leadership Team including the Chaplain, Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Troopmaster will be prompted by email to register online. Please see the document titled Troop Level Positions which describes the required Core Leadership positions.  They will need to provide information for a background check like age, social security number, and references. They will each need to pay the $26 registration fee and electronically sign the Consent, Waiver, and Release document as well as their registration form. 

  4. They will then receive a link to Child Safety Youth Protection Training by email. All leaders must complete Child Safety Youth Protection Training before the charter will be approved. Information on how to complete this training will be provided.

  5. After all Core Leadership Team members are registered, you will need to provide a credit card for your $325 Charter Fee on the Payment Info screen. You will not be charged until your charter is approved.

  6. The Institutional Head or the C.O.R. will need to review the registration information when complete and submit the Charter for approval.

After your Charter application has been received we will complete background checks and review your application. You will be notified by email when your charter has been approved.


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