Equip Glen Rose
10/5/2018 - 10/7/2018

EQUIP Training events are THE way to train Trail Life USA Troop leadership! EQUIP events impart the mission and vision of Trail Life USA, needed skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the program. EQUIP participants will be inspired as they see a bigger picture of Trail Life USA, and excitement will be generated as each participant discovers even greater purpose in their volunteer service position in Trail Life USA.

2019 National Summer Adventure and Parent Convention
7/21/2019 - 7/27/2019

Save the date for summer 2019! You won't want to miss the first ever combined event for everyone in Trail Life USA! Summer Adventure for Navigators and Adventurers plus a full convention for other leaders, Woodlands Trailmen, and all parents. Activities, workshops, and general sessions, as well as down time to relax and fellowship together as a family and with other families attending in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. More information will be coming soon!