Troop Numbering Policy

Troops request numbers online at the Pre-Charter phase, with the numbers confirmed with the Charter approval and after any conflicts are resolved.

The two-digit state code precedes 4 numbers. For example, FL-0000 or NC-0000. The national office reserves the right to reject any Troop Number for any reason. Although this will be their “official” number in our system, Troops shall be permitted to add a colon (:) in their own materials or on the uniform to set off scriptural reference. Troops can decide whether or not to display the leading zeros (ex. AK-0679 could be displayed as AK-679).

Duplicate numbering for Troops in the same state and in Pre-Charter phase at the same time may be resolved by the Home Office in any of the following ways:

A decision made by the Home Office is considered final.

A colon displayed in a Troop name defines how the troop number is to be pronounced.   The colon is silent.  Example:

Troop 215 – without a colon, people would typically default to pronouncing this as “Troop Two Fifteen”
Troop 2:15 – pronounced “Troop Two Fifteen”
Troop 21:5 – pronounced “Troop Twenty-one Five”
Troop 2:1:5 – pronounced “Troop Two One Five”

If they did not want their troop to be pronounced that way, they would leave out the colon.