Josiah Meier Becomes Iowa’s First Freedom Rangeman

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On Saturday, Oct. 13, Josiah Meier, son of Thomas and Lori Meier, of Osage, Iowa, was awarded Trail Life USA’s highest honor – the Freedom Award – at a ceremony held at the Cedar Springs Camp and Retreat Center. Founded in 2013, Trail Life USA is a Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused ministry that emphasizes service, develops leadership, and grows character through outdoor …

Trail Life USA: Raising Boys to be Men in an Age of Equality

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Trail Life is a Christ-centered, boy-focused character leadership adventure organization for boys and young men. It is “unapologetically Christian,” and tells the boys that the Bible is their compass that gives them their “true north.” Hancock believes some influential people are waging an “ongoing war on boyhood.” It started years ago but really ramped up in the ’90s with the …

Trail Life USA Let Boys Be Boys

Let Boys be Boys

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Download the Free eBook Today! Boys and Girls are different. “As leaders of boys in schools, homeschools, churches, and youth organizations, we must recognize and affirm their unique strengths and challenges. We are positioned to instill the principles and character traits that can prepare boys to become courageous, successful, focused men. But will we?” How can we successfully engage and …

10 Year Old Leads Team of 17 to Serve Community

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Ten-year-old Christopher Korfmann of Wilson is pictured in the photo above at center of the front row wearing a hard hat and holding a clipboard. Last month, this young man was featured in Wilson Times after leading a team of ten youth and seven adults in a service project to fulfill a portion of the requirements to earn the highest …

Boyhood Is Not A Mental Disorder

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My son could easily earn an “ADHD” diagnosis if we sought one. But we will not seek one because the boy is not sick. He is not disordered. The boy is a boy. More of a handful than some boys, less of a handful than others. He has his own personality, and I cannot imagine treating it like the manifestation …

Legal Fight Over ‘Scouts’ Sparks Interest Surge in Faith-Based, Boys-Only Outdoor Adventure Group

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As a legal fight between America’s two long-time scouting organizations ensues, Trail Life USA is experiencing historic growth. “In the eight days following the announcement of the lawsuit we saw a 79 percent increase in inquiries into starting a troop and a 35 percent increase in traffic to our website, as compared to the eight days before the announcement,” explained Trail …

Jaydon Ballman Engages Community to Build Bridge as Freedom Award Project

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Jaydon Ballman enjoys the outdoors. Whenever he gets the chance, he likes to hike, camp or simply enjoy being outside. His recent completion of a walking bridge at Alcove Spring Historic Park was an effort to provide that enjoyment for others. Ballman said it was a fun but challenging project. The bridge allowed him to achieve the highest rank, the …

Trail Life USA boys serve community

Trail Life Parent Experiences the Impact of a Shoebox Firsthand!

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Phil and Cheryl Smith have been involved with Trail Life USA since the Nashville Convention in 2014. Soon after the convention, Phil began talking with his church about starting a Trail Life ministry. The Troop was started with just a few boys who signed at a table in the church atrium.  Since then the Troop has grown to 50 boys and …

Worthy Life Award graphic

The Worthy Life Award

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I’m sitting across the dining room table from a 10-year-old Trailman asking routine questions as I wrap up our Troop’s Timberline Boards of Review for the year.  I just asked a simple question and got a profound answer.  I’m not sure I can process what I just heard coming from this 5th grader because in so many ways it’s more …

Trail Life USA image encouraging boys to serve those impacted by Hurricane Florence

TLUSA Encourages Troops to Partner with Samaritan’s Purse to Provide Storm Relief

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Hurricane Florence made landfall delivering 90 mph winds and heavy rains.  This massive storm caused severe flooding in  North and South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. Many Trail Life Troops on the east coast have been affected. Please keep residents of the East Coast in your prayers. The Samaritan’s Purse North American Ministries team has been preparing—packing up equipment and …