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  1. Many of us who were involved in the Scouting program like myself, for more than 50 years, decided to leave in January, 2013. Not looking for another program. However, God had another idea and through my friend and Eagle Scout, introduced me to Trail Life USA. Through this program God has used my leadership and outdoor skills. There are 8,000 volunteers in 49 states in 800 churches called to serve more than 27,000 young men of Trail Life USA. Amen!

  2. Thank you Mark. As the father of four men and grandfather of four young boys, I couldn’t agree more. “Let boys be boys!” By the way, when a program like this flourishes, the girls and women of our Country also benefit!

    1. You are so right. Strong, Godly boys then men, are the very foundation of our families, communities, states, and our country. There is no question our society’s leadership has crumbled and given its role to others. Thank you Trail Life for strengthening the most basic building block of our society.

  3. Being involved Trail Life has been positive experience for my son and my family. It’s also good for me as a Dad to collaborate with others in our community to help launch my son into manhood and have some funtimes along the way. Thanks to all who serve in Trail Life!

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