General FAQ's



How does the Home Office of Trail Life USA quickly handle the initial processing of many Troops starting at the same time?

How do I connect with people in my area if I am interested in joining a Trail Life USA Troop?

Is the Home Office working with various camps to provide locations for Troops to camp?

What makes this organization different from groups like Royal Rangers or Calvinist Cadets?

What is the end goal?

What is the emphasis of the Trail Life USA program?

How does faith factor into the program?

Will the program be different if a Troop is chartered by a Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox Charter Organization?

Are non-Christian youth permitted to join a Trail Life USA Troop?

Are Charter Organizations required to be Christian?

Could a non-Trinitarian denomination such as Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses charter a Trail Life USA Troop?

Is this organization limited to the United States?

What is the position of Trail Life USA regarding homosexuality?

Who interprets how the Core Values are implemented?

What is the relationship between the Troop and the Charter Organization?

What is the basic Trail Life USA organizational structure?

Is your program co-ed?

Do you have or can you recommend a program for girls?

What is Trail Life USA's policy regarding participation in political activities?

What is Trail Life USA's policy on privacy?