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With its single-wall aluminum construction, this reusable bottle is a winner for cold drinks and a great alternative to disposable bottles. It features a screw-on lid with a metal carabiner clip, making it very portable and easy to keep track of. Its large capacity (26 oz.) and lightweight construction are just right for longer treks where water isn’t readily available.

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This was for our 6 year old grandson’s birthday. We also got the Trail Life backpack. We didn’t think it would get here for his birthday so we got him something else. Guess what? It was dark out and we were having his cake and the UPS truck came! I don’t know who was more excited, Daddy or Son, but it made a better day the BEST. The items are wonderful and very well liked. Thank you.

Trailmen love them!

We have created Trail Bucks. The boys earn them wearing their full uniform, helping with setup or cleanup, or any other activity that shows that they are walking worthy. They carry them with honor as well help staying hydrated. Thanks

Aluminum water bottle--don't buy

These are horrible. The aluminum is so thin that even the slightest drop on a table top will cause a significant dent, much less if you dropped it on the floor. My boys received these for Christmas & they are too banged up to continue using.