Troop Uniform Patch


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These high-quality Troop Number patches are especially made for your Trail Life USA Troop uniform by our friends at Embroidery On Demand.

Bulk discount rates available!

  • Buy 10 – 14 and get $0.25 off each
  • Buy 15 or above and get $0.50 off each

When choosing your numbering and state, consider the following:

  1. Feel free to use a colon (:) in your Troop number. A colon displayed in a Troop number helps define how the Troop number is spoken.
  • For example:
    • Troop 2:15 — Usually spoken as “Troop Two Fifteen”
    • Troop 21:5 — Usually spoken as “Troop Twenty-one Five”
    • Troop 2:1:5 — Usually spoken as “Troop Two One Five”
  1. In the Troop number field, feel free to use your state code with Troop number (ex. SC-0725) or not. Some Troops will have room for the state letters while others will let the state name underneath denote the state. Using other grammatical markers (other than the hyphen after the letters) along with the state letters will not be possible. It is your option to use or not use leading zeroes. Ex. 715 and 0715 are acceptable, as are 0001 and 1.

For the State name field, only the full state name is acceptable.

Instructions for Application: Sew your Troop Number and State patch ¼” below the seam on the right sleeve.