Troop Rip-Stop Cargo Pants


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You will love the fit of our updated Rip-Stop Fabric Switchback Cargo pant.

  • All metal zippers
  • Zip-off leg bottoms converts pants to shorts
  • Updated waist sizes
  • Custom embroidery on the cargo pocket
  • Multiple zip and/or Velcro pockets
  • Unhemmed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Massive waists!

Every time my boys move up a size to accommodate their height I have to take their Trail Life pants in. Most clothing manufacturers make adjustable waist pants for children. Why doesn't Trail Life do this? If it wasn't so important to me to have them in full uniform I wouldn't even bother with the official pants because they're so terrible.

Sizing and quality

Having had so much trouble with the pants from a few years ago and the disclaimer that the sizing was fixed I had hoped for better luck. I hope at some point this gets fixed

Awful Pants

I have now bought these pants twice and they are terrible. The first pair I bought, my son was 5 and someone suggested to buy small, because he would grow into them. They are so large that he is now 6 and they still don't fit. They aren't even close to fitting him. It's a year later, so I thought I would fork out the money for an X-S. They are still a little big around his waist, but as long as he's not running, they should stay up. My biggest complaint is the length. These are not going to fit any X-small kid. They zip off right above my son's ankles and he's average height. Do not waste your money if you have a young boy. I hope they fit better when he's a few years older. I just wish they had an option for the young boys, because there is no way these are going to fit any average sized 5-8 year old boy.

Size is 2” larger than advertised

Why advertise the size in inches if not correct?

Legs are to large in width Barrel style from 90s

I bought my pants in 2017 and I am unsure if they have been updated for Adults, but they are unwelcomed reminder of the 90s when the style was wearing extremely large barrel style baggy pants. My sons were fine in fit and quality. The length is clearly published as being unhemmed, but just wish they were a better fit for the adults especially for $45. I agree with the previous reviewer that they should source a better supplier like Columbia or even Academy Sport Magellan Outdoor zip off pants.