Join us for this year's Nationwide Campout as a Troop or as a family as we return to the basics with BUSHCRAFT skills. Scroll the page to brush up on outdoor skills, register for prizes, find promotional resources, and locate a Troop near you. Register today to announce your participation and to enter for a chance to win great prizes!

2023 Campout Prize Packages

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TrailHacks and Tips from the Trail

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Making Char Cloth for Fire Starting

Learn how to make great emergency fire starting material from worn out cotton clothes, an Altoid can, and a campfire.

Tying a Sheet Bend Knot

Connect two different size ropes in a secure manner that is simple to take apart when usage is complete.


Customize Your Flyers!

8.5" x 11" Flyer
Fits VISTAPRINT Template

Get Your Troop Involved

Join Troops and families on April 28th - April 30th as they gather in the great outdoors to polish their primitive outdoor skills as they build shelters, cook over fires, and roast s'mores.
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Learn more about different fire building techniques and fuel sources.


Forget to bring your compass? You can find True North using these techniques.


A cravat is a useful resource to have in your first aid kit. It works as a sling and for splints.