Strategic Partnership with Trail Life USA:

Trail Life USA is charting a strong Christian nationwide adventure, character and leadership development program for our young men.  This program will pursue strategic partnerships to provide discounted program, travel, and merchandise options for our local troops across the country.

Strategic Partnerships are an excellent opportunity for businesses and organizations to assist our nationwide efforts while building goodwill with tens of thousands of our members!

In addition, the Trail Life USA program for our sons is affiliated with the American Heritage Girls program for our daughters, which has an 20 year track record of delivering a solid Christ-centered program emphasizing servant leadership in an atmosphere of faith, service, and fun!

What is a Strategic Partner?

A Strategic Partner is a private business, individual, non-profit corporation, church, Christian organization, or government entity that could offer products, services, or program options to our members.

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What types of Strategic Partners are there?

Summer Adventure Options:

  • Christian camps providing camping facilities or developed summer camp programs
  • National, State, County, or local parks offering programs and facilities for camping and education
  • High adventure programs and facilities
  • Equipment outfitters for adventure options such as boundary water canoe trips, scuba certification programs, winter sports, etc.
  • Tour guides for Appalachian or Rocky Mountains trail hikes, back country backpacking trips, river rafting, sailing adventures, etc.
  • Certification programs for wilderness survival, scuba, climbing and rappelling, range safety officer, first aid, CPR, etc.
  • Restaurants, pizza shops, fast food restaurants, etc. offering discounted meal options for troops engaging in a national travel and explore adventure

Fundraising Options:

  • Favorable sales programs that could be offered to our Troops following national approval
  • Restaurants that would sponsor Troop nights as a fundraising opportunity
  • Other options for Troops to provide service for payment, such as parking cars at events, selling refreshments at events, etc.
  • Recycling fundraisers

Merchandise Options:

  • Discounted camping gear
  • Discounted office supplies, craft supplies, photocopying services, poster production, etc.
  • Printing of manuals, brochures, etc.
  • Hardware and building supplies discount options
  • Branded merchandise, T-shirts, etc.

Other Options:

  • College preparation services
  • Educational programs and specialized programs in various fields of study such as oceanography, robotics, computer programming, etc.
  • Presenters such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary, National Guard, etc.
  • Religious programs and presenters, apologetics speakers, etc.

What is the process to register as a Strategic Partner?

If you feel that you can assist our members and Troops, here is the way the process works:

  1. Complete and submit the form above.
  2. On that form, stipulate the way that you see your group assisting our members.  If you have a specific offer or discount for our members, note that on the Profile Form.
  3. Our Strategic Partner Review Team will review your form and contact you to further discuss your offer or idea, and ultimately approve your listing in our Strategic Partner Portal.
  4. Depending on the nature of the proposed relationship, we will potentially partner with businesses or groups that share our values or alternatively do not support other organizations that have values that we can not endorse.
  5. Approved Strategic Partners and/or offers will then be promoted to our members.  Our Troops across the country will deal with strategic partners with confidence, knowing that they have been vetted and approved by Trail Life USA organization.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in partnering with this organization for the benefit of the development of young men across the United States of America!